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Who we are

We're a group of business leaders who have joined forces to empower a new generation of inspiring businesses.

What we do

We invest together in early stage companies with brilliant, passionate leaders. We rally around the companies we invest in, supporting them with unique expertise and strategic guidance.

What we're looking for

We review founder-led companies, at seed and early A rounds, across a broad range of industries, with a bias towards passionate entrepreneurs who are supported by teams with substantial domain expertise. We look for products and services that demonstrate clear purpose, market demand and massive potential. We love teams that leverage consumer intelligence and operational excellence to establish and grow a direct, one-to-one connection with consumers. We work with businesses that are prepared to benefit meaningfully from our support.



The lunch table

We're always hungry for the next great idea – pull up a seat at our table and tell us what you have cooking.

CEO, Blackbird

Ross Martin


Former CMO, Allstate

Sanjay Gupta

Founder, memBrain, LLC

Ken Hertz

COO, Schireson Associates

Jeff Kingsley

Head of Ad Sales, Viacom

Sean Moran

Former Chairman,

Boston Consulting Group

Carl Stern

EVP, Turner Ignite

Dan Riess

CEO, New York Post; Chief of Digital Advertising Solutions, News Corp

Jesse Angelo

Chief Brand Officer, Citi

Carla Hassan

SVP Original Programming, Showtime

Amy Israel

CMO, Live Nation Concerts

Lisa Licht

Co-Founder/Partner, Advancit Capital

Jason Ostheimer

VP Brand Marketing & Culture, Hulu

Nicholas Tran

Founder & President, Bayne Advisors

Katie Bayne

Chief Marketing Officer, Petco

Tariq Hassan

CEO, Group SJR

Alexander Jutkowitz

CEO/President, Ananey

Udi Miron

Chief Data Officer, Viacom

Kern Schireson

Senior Vice President & Global Head of Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Partnerships, Hilton

Mark Weinstein



Blackbird Air is an on-demand smartphone app designed to make affordable private and semi-private air travel accessible to everyone.


Religion of Sports engages global audiences with premium sports content.


Wolves is a unique California whiskey from an equally unique creative group, both based in California.


Sphere is a revolutionary app boasting a curated ecosystem of over 170+ vetted personal and professional coaches. 


Chatdesk helps companies use messaging and analytics to deliver sales and improve customer care.


Sundays is a new kind of food for dogs that’s uniquely air-dried to be healthier, tastier, and easier.


Nomadica - a women owned and operated wine company based in LA, that curates wine from around the world. 


Brightland - rich, extra virgin olive oils handcrafted in California.




You're out to build the future? Awesome!

We can't wait to hear what you're up to. Here's a bit about how we work:

What's the best way to pitch you?

Great ideas come from everywhere. That's why we work closely to share ideas and opportunities with one another. We treasure referrals from our friends and colleagues, and we're quick to respond to them. If it looks like your business might be a fit, our process typically begins with a phone conversation, which helps us learn more. Following the call, partners review each opportunity, and you can expect to hear from us promptly. Consideration by our investment committee is the final step before we make an investment decision.

Do you favor certain industries? 

Nope. A new generation of entrepreneurs is re-creating the world in its image, right before our eyes. Not just a few industries — all of them. Advancements in data science, technology, and analytics have made it possible for us to see patterns and anticipate shifts in consumer behavior. Our experience across a broad array of industries has taught us a lot about the dynamics of business and culture, and we turn that experience into a competitive advantage for us and for the companies we invest in.

What's the size of your average investment?

Lunch is a strategic investor in seed and early series A rounds. Our check sizes typically range from $150–250K. A considerable portion of the fund is reserved for follow-on investing.

How do you support the companies in which you invest?

We love this question. When we invest in a business, we believe in its promise for massive growth and success, and we dedicate ourselves to the work of helping to make it happen. As a team of leaders in consumer products, live events, management consulting, finance, technology, advertising, data, operations, media and entertainment, and more, we're uniquely positioned to advise our entrepreneurs and their teams. We invest in companies for whom we believe Lunch Partners can make a meaningful difference.

Why are you called Lunch Partners?

We're a diverse group of characters from all walks of business and life. When we can, we like to have lunch together, learn from one another, and find ways to team up on things we believe in. Lunch Partners seemed like a good way to describe our vibe. And lunch, in general, is just awesome.


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